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Response Registry, a neurodiverse solution to many of the problems presented by the COVID-19 epidemic, is a rapid development project we designed and have dedicated full time resources to while running our existing business and foundation.

We are now ready to offer this application (via IOS and Android) to other municipalities and schools in order to improve health outcomes and will continue to refine the tool based on feedback from our partners

Shawn Fry, Project Executive

Shawn, became a successful executive and entrepreneur after being diagnosed with Asperger’s at age 42. He found success in his professional career only after he was afforded the opportunity as the CIO of several hospital systems to exercise a great deal of autonomy in his role. Shawn’s propensity for detail, hard questions and divergent solutions produced millions in both new revenue opportunity and cost savings for his employer. His innovative approach to the complexity of healthcare data laid the foundation for his entrepreneurial healthcare technology firms centered around analytics, revenue cycle and clinical informatics. Through these ventures, he left corporate America behind, hired nearly 150 employees and created his own "neurodiverse workplace culture". Shawn found that by cultivating an environment dependent upon open, honest dialogue, clear communication and vulnerability, the workplace culture was more supportive and accommodating to everyone's needs. People were happier, more productive and turnover rates were 0% after nearly 15 years. Shawn's departure from conventional thought has led him to be the holder of multiple patents related to complex data structures and reconciliation processes and utilized the insights gained from years of research to create diverse analytics platforms. He remains a well-respected speaker and author on critical healthcare issues. Shawn sold his company to private equity in 2019 and has dedicated the rest of his life to embracing neurodiversity and the powers it unlocks through thought leadership, personal security and self-esteem in one’s uniqueness.

Sample Project Successes

Specialist Pathology Systems

Description: Developed a specialist pathology order and view system to request pathology tests and review results online.

Outcome: Increased efficiency in requesting and receiving critical lab results leading to higher quality care, lower cost and fewer mistakes. Ultimately a better standard of care for patients.

Value added: Millions of dollars and man hours saved through the use of the platform.

Healthcare Integration Engine

Description: Delivered enterprise class interoperability through a healthcare integration engine.

Outcome: Data flow is standardized across clinical systems to improve workflows, optimized delivery of care and streamlined the integration and adoption of new technologies.

Value added: Over 1 Million USD per year measured savings, communication dramatically improved between clinical systems.

E-Consent Application

Description: Developed e-consent (consent to treat) for securely recording patient's permission prior to receiving treatment.

Outcome: Registration issues from insurance requirements dropped dramatically. Patient satisfaction improved significantly.

Value added: More than 2 Million USD saved year over year

Employee Management Systems

Description: Developed web and mobile based employee management system, storing and maintaining employee records and HR requirements

Outcome and value added:: After successful implementation, achieved sixty percent reduction in time sent managing employee data.

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